Flirt Atlas 2017: These are the best hotspots for flirting

The time has come: winter has said goodbye and made room for spring. But it’s not just the temperatures that are rising. Flirting fever is also spreading among our users. Our flirt atlas shows at which hot spots most singles are located and where they are most diligent to and fro. In order to find out where the flirting potential of our users is particularly high, the flirting hotspots in the ten largest cities in Germany were evaluated with regard to the number of users and the associated sums of matches and likes for four weeks.

The results of the Flirt Atlas show that most singles are out and about in the capital Berlin. Hamburg, Cologne and Munich also have a particularly large number of people who want to flirt. The users are most active in Dortmund. Each single gave an average of 45 likes during the survey period. The rest of North Rhine-Westphalia also likes to be liked. Cologne, Essen and Düsseldorf rank in the top 4. However, our singles were most attractive in Berlin. Almost 5,000 matches were created at the hotspots in the capital, which really lives up to the name “hotspot”.

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