How do I conquer a long-term single?

It finally happened. Your online date turns out to be a true dream partner and you can’t get enough of each other. You float together on cloud nine and there is nothing that could destroy your current happiness. You have been meeting for a while now, but somehow you have not yet defined your relationship. Are you longing for a solid partnership, but your date still depends too much on the independence of being single? Don’t give up, maybe he or she just needs a little more time, true to the motto “good things take time”.

However, in order to advance the process a bit, we have a few tips on how to get him or her excited about a partnership.

Respect his / her independence

As a single you can do whatever you want. Long-term singles especially appreciate this freedom and are reluctant to give it up again for a relationship. Because for many, a relationship means a restriction on their freedom. If your crush has to give up loved activities because of you, he quickly sees you as a troublemaker. Therefore, it is very important that you respect the independence of your counterpart and learn to appreciate them. If he or she doesn’t have time for you, don’t be sad. Meet up with your friends or do your favorite activity yourself. The time you spend together becomes much more valuable.

First, keep future plans to yourself

Of course you want to start daydreaming immediately when you get to know someone new. How about a romantic weekend or the first vacation together? Attention! Through early planning for the future, however, a long-term single can quickly feel cornered and tear away. Better not rush anything. If you want to daydream about your first vacation, keep it to yourself for now. You can secretly continue dreaming. Who knows, maybe you will really tour Portugal in a few months by rental car.

Make it exciting

Those who wander through the world without a partner for a long time have mostly perfected their loneliness and also enjoy this first-person time. It is therefore important that you make your time together exciting. Instead of a quiet walk through the park, arrange a date in the climbing park or go racing with the go-karts. Of course, you shouldn’t pretend. Alternatively, you can show your favorite place to your crush. The goal is to get to know you better and create beautiful memories.

Be yourself

As already mentioned, don’t pretend. Because if you have to pretend to be someone else, that person just doesn’t suit you. Let the other person know what you want, but don’t push them. Do you feel that you are slowly running out of topics to talk about? Then you should consider whether you are really meant for each other.

Much patience

Love is not a race. You have all the time in the world. If he or she is not ready for a tie, wait. Things can always change. Even if it is sometimes difficult to believe. The main thing is that you don’t push him or her, because this will only scare off your date.

Set yourself a limit

However, if your crush has been holding you up for several months and is still not ready to form a firm bond, then it may be time to go your separate ways. Even if it’s difficult. Don’t sell yourself under value and set yourself a limit. You can’t wait for someone forever. Maybe you will miss the chance for something much better.

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