Love goes through the stomach: the perfect dinner date

There are many activities and places for a date and offer different possibilities. In order to get to know each other better and have a good time, we have dinner together. If you go to a restaurant together, of course, not much can go wrong with the food. However, you are not really alone in the full restaurant and the conversations tend to be superficial. So why not cook at home? With our tips, your dinner date is guaranteed to succeed!

1. Ask beforehand about allergies and preferences

If you and your date do not jointly decide what to cook or eat, then you should definitely clarify beforehand whether certain foods should be better avoided due to allergies or aversion.

2. Know your cooking skills

Assess yourself well beforehand. If it is already a challenge for you to properly open a pasta pack, then a dinner date is not the right time to learn to cook. So keep the menu simple and don’t try to make yourself up. However, if you are a secret professional chef, don’t be afraid of elaborate dishes – show what you can do! Do you want to be on the safe side and have time: try it out beforehand.

3. Avoid certain ingredients

Mexican bean stew or a hearty onion pie may be tasty, but there are foods that have an aftermath. Legumes, cabbage vegetables and excessive onions are the classic causes of flatulence and other unpleasant body noises, so they are anything but ideal if you are just getting to know each other and want to spend a relaxing evening together.

4. Use certain ingredients

Some foods are considered aphrodisiac, so they stimulate sexual behavior. If you don’t like oysters for your first dinner date, you can also pick chili peppers, artichokes, dark chocolate or strawberries in the supermarket.

5. Ensure a nice ambience

Since you are inviting your date to your home: take care of order and cleanliness. So take a vacuum cleaner and mop in your hands and prefer to clean a little more than too little. The dirty laundry should not be in any corner of the apartment. A bouquet of flowers and a few candles on the table create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Under no circumstances should music be missing in the background. Maybe your date has told you which band he or she likes to hear most. If you play exactly that, it immediately shows that you have listened attentively!

6. Leave the perforated sweatpants in the closet

If you spend the evening at home, this is of course not necessarily the place where you invest a lot of time in the styling. However, you are not alone today. So dress up as if you were dating on a date in a restaurant. If you tend to be clumsy, don’t wear a white shirt, because stains are inevitable!

7. Have a dinner date contingency plan

Even if you’re a sure cook: if your nervousness makes your dinner burn on the dinner date, that’s not a drama. For safety, you should have two frozen pizzas or the phone number from the delivery service ready and just take the situation with humor. Humor is when you laugh anyway. And if your food is too salty, it shows that you seem to be in love!

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