You voted: Of course the new sexy is

The desire for the perfect bikini figure belongs to the beginning of summer like chocolate in stracciatella ice cream. We are motivated to create training plans, fight our way through the latest promising diet, give up after two weeks at the latest and swear that everything will change next summer. Now we have good news for you! A survey among you users shows that these concerns are completely unfounded. Over a period of four weeks, we asked you various questions that could either be answered in the affirmative or negated. We present the results to you.

60 percent find a sporty partner attractive, but only 46 percent rate a well-trained body as sexy. More than half of you believe that your partner can still have a few pounds more on your hips. A third of women find natural curves particularly appealing.

When it comes to body hair, female users in particular are of the same opinion: for 76 percent, chest hair belongs to the male body. Many men see it a little differently, but almost 60 percent of you vote for a light coat on the chest. One floor below, too, prefers naturalness. 72 percent find a hairy genital area perfectly fine and even almost 90 percent of women rely on intimate hair on themselves and their partner.

What can we learn from the results? There is absolutely no reason to emulate any ideal of beauty. Visible naturalness and a healthy relationship with your own body is much more popular when flirting. So throw your training plan in the corner for a day and meet with your date on an ice cream! This ease will do you two good.

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